Friendships AKA Hardships

by Michael Carmichael

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released August 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Michael Carmichael Phoenix, Arizona

music diary by sam under moniker "michael carmichael" since 2015
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Track Name: Angsty shit
I'm so tired everyday. I'm so quiet all the time. I don't really have a thing to say that's really on my mind. And everyone is so convinced that I completely hate them, it makes me feel so sick, i have no time to make them come to terms with how i am, or how I tend to treat them. I try the best I can to make me feel complete, and everything and everyone make things so fucking stressful. I hope I jump the gun, I hope I feel enabled.
Track Name: itsokay
I hope you sleep tonight. I hope you feel alright. I hope you figure out what you wanna do. I came to stop and say everythings okay. You could sleep all day if you wanted to. you are not defined by how you waste your time drowning in self gloom. You're not a waste of space if you are trapped all day inside your room.
Track Name: Old Town (my breakup song) (all my songs are breakup songs)
driving down in old town to go and fix your phone, and listen to music and to sit and smoke. you said you wanna break. I said i cant relate, since that day nothings been clear. Idk how we got here. Talk is so cheap, why don't you tell me more? "I just wanna sleep it off until the morning". I hear you every song, I see you in every movie, It's been wrong for so long, what the fuck am I doing? Everything feels like a darker hue of you.
Track Name: Unzipped (interlude)
*It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia clips*
Track Name: The Rain Song
The high wore off and I came down. I smoked my lungs fucking out. The rain came down, and thunder clapped, and lightning hit, and lightning cracked. The lights were bright and flashed away. My dog was scared, the least to say. and now im sitting alone, listening to my own thoughts. I hope this rain will last for long, i hope it doesn't stop.