I wish I'd just shut up

by Michael Carmichael

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recorded March 2016 - April 2016


released April 15, 2016

thank you to all of those who have supported me. it means the world.



all rights reserved


Michael Carmichael Phoenix, Arizona

music diary by sam under moniker "michael carmichael" since 2015
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Track Name: Brood
i can barely even make a sound. where are you when you are not around? (probably) in a room filled with people that I barely even know, and you are nowhere there to be found.

and now i'm lost without a clue. I can't see clear without you, but all you seem to wanna do is sit alone and brood.

everytime that i feel fine, i find out that I'm not.
I need a clue or sign, or a lesson to be taught.
Track Name: All that in silence you always knew
Poem/Lyrics: Let it be you by Sara Teasdale

"Let it be you who lean above me
On my last day,
Let it be you who shut my eyelids
Forever and aye,

Say a "Good-night" as you have said it
All of these years,
With the old look, with the old whisper
And without tears

You will know then all that in silence
You always knew,
Though I have loved, I loved no other
As i love you.
Track Name: Feel so stupid
Your name still rings
In thoughts of you in everything.
I can't help but feel so stupid,
I thought that I'd be through this.
But you're gone, so, so-long,
I'll just forget that you're gone

We can stay up late in bed
Then pick at each others heads.
I relapse when I hear you laugh,
and it's been awhile since i saw you last.
I hope we've grown up enough to take off the mask and share the blame.
Track Name: Santa Barbara
Today's the day I'm sleeping on. All the hours I'll stay gone, out of sight, out of mind. just call me later I'll be fine to fall asleep in the sun and think of all the things I've done to you and me. To me and you, and all the dumb shit that I do.

Santa Barbara ain't so far why don't we get there in my car? we can count all of the stars on the beach with the waves. I wish every day were like today, maybe then I'd be okay. you wanna go, I wanna stay, and everything feels all the same. I feel like i am to blame. I feel like I am... you wanna go, I wanna stay on the beach with the waves. everything feels all the same.
Track Name: GTFO of my pool
Get the fuck out of my head today
Get the fuck out of my pool I don't want you to stay!
Dump gasoline on top of me and burn- I'll burn away
I am so relevant, please hear what I say
Track Name: Coffee breath
Coffee breath in the morning and you're the best, I'm so boring. There's nothing left for me, I'm such a mess and I'm sorry for always bringing you down. I wish I'd just shut up but I keep running my mouth and you can't get enough. I'm sorry for you and I'm sorry for me too, a bundled up experience I'm glad that we got through. You got inside my head, I didn't know what to do, I spent all night and day in bed until I found out the truth. I'm just always bringing you down. I wish I'd just shut up but I keep running my mouth and you can't get enough
Track Name: Never did I mention all those stupid fucking questions
all the way to the bitter sweet part of it, I wish I could do the same. You're so confident and I'm not confident in the little things you say. But I don't know, who am I so ask these questions all the time? I'm always nervous and fatigued, I don't know what is wrong with me. I can't sleep easily