Life Like Boyfriend Hands

by Michael Carmichael

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Life Like Boyfriend Hands SPLIT with Amar Ahmad, Check his side out here!

This is my side, released early. Amar will have his side up within the month.

I really wanted to wait to release it but I've been holding onto these songs for too long and I'm sick of hearing them. My side of the split sounds sappy and sad, but i hope you enjoy them. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to listen.

I promise I'll make something good soon.

I want to give big thanks to Amar for really inspiring me to make my own music and to not be afraid to actually put it out there.


released November 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Michael Carmichael Phoenix, Arizona

music diary by sam under moniker "michael carmichael" since 2015
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Track Name: You're just mad (Hands)
I don't know what you want or know what you mean. I got so lost trying to come clean but you're just mad at me. and you're just mad. who am I though to make you less sad? what we were was all I had, I don't know how this got to be this bad. I heard you hate your new boyfriends hands. I heard you hate him all over again. It's just too late to bring back the benz. It's just too late to start over again. All the small things you wanted me to hear; just sweet nothings. "It's like you're not even here"

"I wish I felt this excited about every moment in life... as dogs do-"
Track Name: Sleeping
I'm looking at your face and i realize that it's too late to put the pieces back together again, to put them in their place and all the things that you once said are just melodies inside my head. You're a lullaby I can't forget so I'll just crawl into bed and as you walk away I will try not to say stay, and you can go on on your own, and you can go on with your day, and i can finally rid myself from all this cluttered filth of anxiety taking over me and i can just sleep well.
Track Name: Tried so hard (Yo La Tengo cover)
Stopped awhile this morning on my way back home
I had to realize this time that I'd be all alone
Cause she is moving somewhere far away not slow
And though I tried so hard to please her
She said she really had to go
Even though this time it really hurts me bad
I've been through similarities it's not the first break I've had
And I just can't let it bring me down so low
And though I tried so hard to please her
There must be something more to know
Never thought that we would find our end this way
It seemed that everything was going fine
Still with all the things that I can do or say
It won't change the fate I know so well is mine
So I'll stop and look right past the pain
Cause I've been in love before and I can love again
While she's moving somewhere far away not slow
And though I tried so hard to please her
She said she really had to go
Track Name: Two Peas in a Pod (Amar Ahmad cover)
*song and lyrics by Amar Ahmad*

We're like two peas in a pod, you can go now if you want, if you're getting way too bored, if it really starts to snow. And if your fingers get too cold you can warm them in mine hands, i dont think i would mind at all.

You look so wonderful when you talk how yr, lips and tongue are soft, how the words spill from your mouth, how your words make me so sad. But i walk home alone regardless.

And you look at me, like I am diseased, and I think i might be in a dream. Because you still talk to me sometimes, still talk to me, and i hope that stops right now.

Because I'll love you when the stars explode, i'll love you when you grow so old, I'll love you when no one else will I'll love you still. I love you when you grow so mean, I love you when you are not clean, I love you when you cry at night.

And you look at me, and i stare right back into those blue eyes, I dont know if I have enough to try.

But i've gotten inside my bed, I dont think i"ll be anything without you.
Track Name: Thin
I've got heavy eyes above a steady grin, groggy voice, a lifeless stare.
I wanna fit right in.

and everyone that i met around me and places that I've been
and all my friends that i met surround me and make me feel so thin
everyone is so beautiful, i wanna be like them