Love songs

by Michael Carmichael

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released September 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Michael Carmichael Phoenix, Arizona

music diary by sam under moniker "michael carmichael" since 2015
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Track Name: YOU
when I look at you i don't know what to do, your lips and your hair, its not even fair to you. I've got bloodshot eyes, it's not big surprise that I spend day and night trying to feel alright without you. When I'm around you, i smoke like we used to do and it's not okay how I'm feeling today about you. When I look at you, I don't know how i got to be so lucky to have a friend with me with YOU!
Track Name: Get the Fuck out of my Pool
Get the Fuck out of my Head today

Get the Fuck out of my Pool, I don't want you to stay

Dump gasoline on top of me and urn oh burn away

I am so relevant please hear what I say

Get the Fuck out of my Head today

Get the Fuck out of my Pool, I don't want you to stay
Track Name: I'll bury you and you'll feel great, trust me. (The Glue song)
I am under you, just light my hair on fire at night so you can see each step that you take. I will bury you with love letters and flowers alike and you will will have never felt so better. And I can make a move if you want to make up with me too, but I am too far gone, and you are too. So what's there to do? I guess we'll just move on, It'll be like us unsticking the glue, but even after all of this I still love you.
Track Name: John Paul Larkin
John Paul Larkin didn't know what he wanted to be

He played the piano, it was his way to speak.

John Paul Larkin said

“Whatever God wants is fine by me ... I’ve had the very best life. I have tasted beauty.”