To Die in Oregon

by Michael Carmichael

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T. Croce
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T. Croce The featured track "Forever Having Fun" is a glue! Such a catchy tune... A short album with really pretty songs Favorite track: Forever Having Fun.
best album of 2017
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Recorded Aug 2016 - Jan 2017

To Die in Oregon


released January 17, 2017

I couldn't have done this without all of the warming support.
Thank you to everyone who takes the time to listen.

Album artwork by Joebob!
All instruments performed by Sam Trujillo
Thank you Joe and Amar for helping me out and being great friends



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Michael Carmichael Phoenix, Arizona

music diary by sam under moniker "michael carmichael" since 2015
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Track Name: All Along
I wish you weren't away, I wish you were right here. I'll see you in a week, or I'll see you in a year. I'm not that strong, nor impressive, I'll prove you wrong, or second guess it. No courage built up to say what you wanna hear, and all these wasted days just stuck in my fear. All along you just hated all my songs.
Track Name: Pathetic
I'm looking at a letter in a frame against the wall. Though i feel pathetic I'm just thankful that you called. Let me know you're safe while you're away out of the state. I guess I'd do the same but I feel like it's just too late. Every waking moment I feel like a waste of time, Nothing I can do to change my mood or state of mind. All those things you said to me, I just can't forget. Like I'll "burn in agony of guilt and regret".
Track Name: Forever Having Fun
I can't let you go, can't let things be. I have no control, no self esteem. But I won't let it show, won't let you see. I'm uncomfortable and so uneasy. Just smoking out my lungs. An empty cage for you. Forever having fun, with you.
Track Name: Bad luck
I don't even know me. Get stoned when I'm lonely. I'll try to let you know...
I'm down and all mixed up, so fucked with my bad luck. I'll find my way through this.
Track Name: Stuck in my Head
I can barely take this life. I'm always stuck in my skin. Always stuck in my head. Never trust what you said. Always so elusive. Always so Pretentious. I never meant to do this, I was just confused with everything I knew and everything I know.
Track Name: Gold Letters
Gold letters on your wall over where you sleep. I've been waiting for your call, I've been waiting here for weeks. Bruises all across your leg. A constant ringing inside your head. I don't wanna move at all. I don't wanna move from bed. Don't wanna move at all. I'm just stuck inside my head.

(I wish I were like you, barely on the edge. I over thought a lot about everything you said. I'm shaking at the thought of you inside my head.)
Track Name: I just wish you wished for this
I just wish you called me sooner. I just wish you wished for this cuz I'm always looking over my shoulders. Always fuss now with my fists. Everyone is getting older, everyone just shut their lips. All I feel is so much colder more than i should. Always looking over my shoulder more than I should.
Track Name: Feel the Same
After all, I feel the same. I know you're not the one to blame. I have always had this pain and I don't know if I will change.